America On Track's Emerging Leaders Program


The goal of America On Track's Emerging Leaders program is to inspire today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders through a 4-hour after school, interactive, multi-faceted 30-week structured curriculum focusing on:

a)  Techniques to build effective public speaking abilities;
b)  Presentations & training to enhance mentoring & leadership skills;
c)  STEM workshops to promote interest in the various sciences;
d)  Tutoring & homework time for elementary school students to heighten academic success;
e)  Interactive health activities connecting brainpower with fitness and good nutrition;
f)  Music presentations featuring talented youth to promote appreciation of classical, jazz and ethnic music;
g)  Drug use prevention education sessions;
h)  Ongoing activities designed to instill strong community involvement.

In alignment with our motto, "Teaming Communities & Youth For A Brighter Future", America On Track's directors and staff members work with educators, civic leaders, parents and outstanding high school students who are paired up with elementary school children in order to achieve immediate and long-term success.

Teen Council Led by Terry Thompson and Claire Braeburn and the America On Track staff members, the teen role models receive personalized coaching and training to build exemplary mentoring and leadership skills. After an in-depth selection & training process, the emerging leaders are then matched with 4th, 5th and 6th grade students who also aspire to become leaders. The youth teams interact in a nurturing supervised group setting.

This program offers a synergistic forum for all participants so they can recognize and take advantage of opportunities for a brighter future.

Additionally, America On Track's Emerging Leaders Teen Council is comprised of outstanding teen mentors who have been competitively selected as council members who then receive more advanced leadership and advocacy training and coaching from the President and Executive Director of America On Track. The teen council members work synergistically to hone their skills as leaders in order to help present engaging lessons designed by America On Track during the Emerging Leaders weekly sessions at the school sites. In addition, Teen Council members represent America On Track as liaisons in the community.