Kids On Track Overview


America On Track has 2 highly customized, time-proven mentoring and leadership programs.

Our two Kids On Track programs are:

  • America On Track's Emerging Leaders program;
  • Brighter Futures for Children of Prisoners.

Both have been hugely successful over the years and have opened the doors of opportunity to thousands of youth.

Since 1995, our Kids On Track programs alone have generated over 250,000 hours of volunteer services to disadvantaged youth and their families, which in turn have generated 20 local, state and national awards for outstanding youth services.

Do America On Track's Mentoring & Leadership Programs Work?


Quotes from a prior teen mentor who is now a doctor
and from a child of a prisoner who is currently in college and doing well:

"Being a mentor for 4 years with America On Track equipped me with skills that have been vital in my career as a physician. I received mentorship under both Terry & Claire who challenged us to be visionaries and role models for our mentees and our fellow peers. America On Track deeply imprinted a passion for community service, which continues to be a top priority in my life and my practice as I care for people with low socioeconomic backgrounds." ~ Dr. Jackie Lee

"America On Track has changed my life. As a child of a prisoner, I went through hard times, especially in high school, and without this program and my mentors the push to succeed would have been less. I had great role models to look up to and the support I received throughout the years was so helpful." ~ Mentee who is now in college