Mission Statement

kids holding globe

America On Track's Mission is to inspire brighter futures by
building youth leaders, supporting families, and strengthening communities
through life-transforming programs.

Our Vision is to create more vibrant communities by addressing social inequities and health disparities through evidence-based programs that focus on leadership development, mentoring, academic achievement, fitness & nutrition, and drug use prevention.

Our Motto: Creating Brighter Futures for Communities & Youth since 1995!

We achieve our goals in 7 unique ways:

  1. America On Track's Emerging Leaders Program
  2. Physical Education & Nutrition Programs for schools and communities
  3. Brighter Futures for Children of Prisoners Program
  4. The On Track Adult & Youth Leadership Development Programs
  5. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use Prevention Education Programs
  6. Parent Education Classes & Health Seminars
  7. Linking Policy and Environmental Strategies to Health Outcomes

* All America On Track programs are science-based evaluated.